The job families listed below are only used for Faculty, Students and Temporary positions. To see the new job families for staff please click on Staff Job Families

Academic & Instructional Support

Non-tenure track jobs with primary responsibility for training activities or teaching either credit or non-credit courses or seminars.
As amended through March 1, 2013.

Job Title Pay Grade
Academic Support Coordinator I 38
Academic Support Coordinator II 39
Academic Support Specialist I 35
Academic Support Specialist II 36
Academic Support Specialist III 37
Accompanist 35
Art Model 30
Curator NA
Teaching Associate NA
Tutor I 33
Tutor II 35
Tutor – Counselor NA
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Accounting and Financial

Jobs in accounting and financial functional areas ranging from senior level professional to entry level support.

Job Title Pay Grade
Accountant I 38
Accountant II
Accounting Aide 31
Accounting Assistant I 32
Accounting Assistant II 33
Accounting Assistant III 34
Accounting Specialist I 35
Accounting Specialist II 36
Accounting Specialist III 37
Accounting Coordinator 38
Accounting Supervisor I 35
Accounting Supervisor II 36
Accounting Supervisor III 37
Accounting Supervisor IV 38
Assistant Auditor 37
Assistant Bursar NA
Assistant Controller 42
Assistant to the Treasurer 41
Assistant Treasurer NA
Associate Auditor 38-39
Associate Bursar NA
Associate Controller 44
Associate Treasurer NA
Auditor 40-41
Budget Director NA
Bursar NA
Business Manager NA
Controller 46
Financial Officer NA
Financial Specialist I 39-40
Financial Specialist II 41-42
Senior Auditor 42-43
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Administrative Support

Administrative and clerical support jobs.

Job Title Pay Grade
Administrative Assistant 38-40
Administrative Coordinator I 38
Administrative Coordinator II 39
Administrative Coordinator III 40
Administrative Specialist I 35
Administrative Specialist II 36
Administrative Specialist III 37
Administrative Supervisor I 35
Administrative Supervisor II 36
Administrative Supervisor III 37
Administrative Supervisor IV 38
Administrative Support Aide I 30
Administrative Support Aide II 31
Administrative Support Assistant I 32
Administrative Support Assistant II 33
Administrative Support Assistant III 34
Administrative Support Coordinator 39
Administrative Support Supervisor I 33
Administrative Support Supervisor II 34
Assistant to the Chancellor 43-46
Assistant to the Vice Chancellor 38-42
Coordinator I 38-39
Coordinator II 40-41
Coordinator III 42-43
Development Associate 39-40
Management Specialist I 38-40
Management Specialist II 42
Professional Assistant 41
Program Administrator 39-42
Specialist I 41-42
Specialist II 43-44
Training Administrator 39-40
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Jobs with primary responsibility for fund-raising and related activities and for developing and maintaining relationships with alumni and friends of the university.

Job Title Pay Grade
Advancement Assistant I 32
Advancement Assistant II 33
Advancement Assistant III 34
Advancement Executive Director 49
Advancement Officer  NA
Advancement Specialist I 35
Advancement Specialist II 36
Advancement Specialist III 37
Alumni Associate  NA
Alumni Program Director 42
Assistant Alumni Director  NA
Assistant Development Director 42
Associate Development Director 43
Development Associate  NA
Development Director 44
Principal Alumni Officer 44
Principal Development Officer 45
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Exempt athletics coaching and administrative jobs.

Job Title Pay Grade
Assistant Athletics Director  NA
Associate Athletics Director  NA
Athletics Director  NA
Athletics Trainer I 39-40
Athletics Trainer II 40-42
Athletics Trainer III 41
Coach I  NA
Coach II  NA
Coach III  NA
Head Athletics Trainer  NA
Head Coach  NA
Head Coach & Associate Director  NA
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Chief Executive and Operating Officials

Jobs held by the university’s chief executive and operating officials.


Job Title Pay Grade
Assistant Provost NA
Assistant Vice Chancellor NA
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Assistant Professor NA
Assistant Vice President NA
Assistant Vice President and Dean NA
Assistant Vice Provost NA
Associate Provost NA
Associate Provost and Professor NA
Associate to the Vice Chancellor and Professor NA
Associate Vice Chancellor NA
Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean NA
Associate Vice Chancellor and Professor NA
Associate Vice Chancellor, Dean and Professor NA
Associate Vice President NA
Associate Vice Provost NA
Chancellor NA
Chancellor and Professor NA
Chancellor Emeritus NA
Executive Vice President NA
General Counsel NA
President NA
President Emeritus NA
Provost NA
Provost and Professor NA
Provost, Vice President and Professor NA
Secretary to the Board and General Counsel NA
Senior Associate Vice President NA
Senior Vice Chancellor NA
Senior Vice President NA
Senior Vice Provost NA
Staff Vice President NA
Treasurer NA
Vice Chancellor NA
Vice Chancellor and Professor NA
Vice President NA
Vice President and General Counsel NA
Vice President and Professor NA
Vice President and Provost NA
Vice Provost NA
Vice Provost and Professor NA
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Communications and Media

Jobs providing a variety of communication and/or media services including writing, production and support.

Job Title Pay Grade
Assistant Editor 39
Chief Media Engineer 42
Communications Assistant I 32
Communications Assistant II 33
Communications Assistant III 34
Communications Coordinator I 38
Communications Coordinator II 39
Communications Specialist I 35
Communications Specialist II 36
Communications Specialist III 37
Editor NA
Executive Producer 42
Graphic Designer 38-39
Information Specialist I 39-40
Information Specialist II 41-42
Information Specialist III 43-44
Media Aide 31
Media Assistant I 32
Media Assistant II 33
Media Assistant III 34
Media Coordinator 38
Media Director NA
Media Specialist I 35
Media Specialist II 36
Media Specialist III 37
Media Supervisor I 34
Media Supervisor II 35
Producer NA
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Non-exempt jobs requiring skilled-craft work.

Job Title Pay Grade
Air Conditioning Assistant I 31
Air Conditioning Assistant II 33
Air Conditioning Foreman I 38
Air Conditioning Foreman II 39
Air Conditioning Specialist I 34
Air Conditioning Specialist II 35
Aircraft Mechanic 39
Auto Mechanic I 34
Carpenter Assistant I 31
Carpenter Assistant II 32
Carpenter Assistant III 33
Carpenter Foreman 39
Carpenter I 34
Carpenter II 35
Costume Shop Supervisor 38
Costumer I 32
Costumer II 34
Costumer III 36
Craft Coordinator 39
Craft Supervisor IV 40
Electrician Assistant I 31
Electrician Assistant II 32
Electrician Assistant III 33
Electrician I 34
Electrician II 35
Electronic Foreman I 38
Electronic Foreman II 39
Glassblower 38
Heavy Equipment Mechanic 35
Light Equipment Mechanic 34
Line Installer Foreman I 39
Line Installer Foreman II 40
Line Installer I 35
Line Installer II 36
Locksmith Assistant I 31
Locksmith Assistant II 32
Locksmith Assistant III 33
Locksmith Foreman I 38
Locksmith Foreman II 39
Locksmith Specialist I 34
Locksmith Specialist II 35
Machinist I 36
Machinist II 37
Machinist III 38
Maintenance Assistant I 31
Maintenance Assistant II 32
Maintenance Assistant III 33
Maintenance Foreman I 38
Maintenance Foreman II 39
Maintenance Specialist I 34
Maintenance Specialist II 35
Painter Assistant I 31
Painter Assistant II 32
Painter Assistant III 33
Painter Foreman I 38
Painter Foreman II 38
Painter I 34
Painter II 35
Piano Tuner 37
Plumber Assistant I 31
Plumber Assistant II 32
Plumber Assistant III 33
Plumber Foreman I 38
Plumber Foreman II 39
Plumber I 34
Plumber II 35
Print Assistant I 32
Print Assistant II 33
Print Specialist I 34
Print Specialist II 35
Print Specialist III 36
Print Specialist IV 37
Print Supervisor I 37
Print Supervisor II 38
Roofer 38
Senior Auto Mechanic 35
Senior Carpenter I 36
Senior Carpenter II 37
Senior Electrian I 36
Senior Electrian II 37
Senior Line Installer I 37
Senior Line Installer II 38
Senior Locksmith Specialist I 37
Senior Painter I 36
Senior Painter II 37
Senior Plumber I 36
Senior Plumber II 37
Senior Print Specialist I 38
Senior Print Specialist II 39
Senior Sheet Metal Worker I 36
Senior Sheet Metal Worker II 37
Senior Sign Painter 35
Senior Welder 36
Sheet Metal Worker I 34
Sheet Metal Worker II 35
Sign Painter 33
Sr Air Conditioning Spec I 36
Sr Air Conditioning Spec II 37
Sr Air Conditioning Spec III 38
Sr Maintenance Specialist I 36
Sr Maintenance Specialist II 37
Sr Maintenance Specialist III 38
Sr Steam Plant Specialist I 36
Sr Steam Plant Specialist II 37
Steam Plant Assistant I 31
Steam Plant Assistant II 32
Steam Plant Assistant II 33
Steam Plant Foreman I 38
Steam Plant Foreman II 39
Steam Plant Specialist I 34
Steam Plant Specialist II 35
Welder I 34
Welder II 35
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Executive and Managerial

Administrators and other exempt jobs with managerial and supervisory responsibilities.

Job Title Pay Grade
Administrator 45-47
Assistant Administrator NA
Assistant Dean NA
Assistant Dean and Associate Professor NA
Assistant Director NA
Assistant Executive Director NA
Assistant Manager NA
Assistant Secretary 40
Assistant Superintendent NA
Associate Administrator NA
Associate Dean 47-48
Associate Dean and Director NA
Associate Dean and Professor NA
Associate Director NA
Associate Executive Director NA
Associate Manager NA
Associate Superintendent NA
Dean 52
Dean and Professor NA
Deputy General Counsel 48
Director NA
Director and Associate Provost NA
Director and Lecturer NA
Executive Associate Dean NA
Executive Director NA
General Superintendent 43
Manager NA
Program Manager NA
Senior Associate Administrator NA
Superintendent NA
Supervisor NA
Team Leader NA
Technical Manager NA
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Exempt jobs performing advising, consulting, and training functions for agriculture, family and consumer services, 4-H and resource development programs.

Job Title Pay Grade
Extension Agent I 39
Extension Agent II 41
Extension Agent III 43
Extension Agent IV 45
Extension Agent I and County Director 39
Extension Agent II and County Director 41
Extension Agent III and County Director 43
Extension Agent IV and County Director 45
Extension Agent in Training 38
Extension Area Specialist I 40
Extension Area Specialist II 42
Extension Area Specialist III 44
Extension Area Specialist IV 46
Extension Assistant I 40
Extension Assistant II 41
Extension District Director 48
Extension Program Assistant I 32
Extension Program Assistant II 34
Extension Program Assistant III 36
Extension Program Leader I 45
Extension Program Leader II 46
Extension Program Leader III 47
Extension Specialist I 44
Extension Specialist II 45
Extension Specialist III 46
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Tenure-track academic and teaching positions.

Job Title Pay Grade
Adjunct Assistant Professor 62
Adjunct Associate Professor 63
Adjunct Instructor 60
Adjunct Professor 64
Artist in Residence 60
Assistant Professor 62
Assistant Professor and Assistant Director 62
Assistant Professor and Chair 62
Assistant Professor and Director 62
Associate Professor 63
Associate Professor and Assistant Chair 63
Associate Professor and Assistant Dean 63
Associate Professor and Associate Dean 63
Associate Professor and Associate Director 63
Associate Professor and Associate Head 63
Associate Professor and Chair 63
Associate Professor and Director 63
Associate Professor and Head 63
Clinical Assistant Professor 62
Clinical Associate 60
Distinguished Professor 65
Instructor 60
Instructor and Assistant Director 61
Instructor and Associate Director 61
Instructor and Director 61
Lecturer 60
Professor 64
Professor and Assistant Dean 65
Professor and Associate Dean 65
Professor and Associate Director 65
Professor and Associate Head 65
Professor and Chair 65
Professor and Chief 65
Professor and Coordinator 64
Professor and Director 64-65
Professor and Head 65
Professor and Leader 65
Professor and Vice Chair 65
Research Assistant Professor 62
Research Associate Professor 63
Research Associate Professor and Director 663
Research Instructor 60
Research Professor 64
Research Professor and Head 65
Research Professor and Project Director 65
Research Professor and Research Director 65
University Distinguished Professor 64
University Professor 64
University Professor and Head 65
Visiting Scholar 65
Writer-in-Residence 60
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Information Technology

Jobs in the computing/data processing field.

Job Title Pay Grade
Data Control Specialist 35
IT Administrator I 37-38
IT Administrator II 39-40
IT Administrator III 41-42
IT Administrator IV 43-44
IT Analyst I 37-38
IT Analyst II 39-40
IT Analyst III 41-42
IT Analyst IV 43-44
IT Assistant I 32
IT Assistant II 33
IT Assistant III 34
IT Aide 31
IT Manager 41+
IT Specialist I 37-38
IT Specialist II 39-40
IT Specialist III 41-42
IT Specialist IV 43-44
IT Supervisor I 37
IT Supervisor II 38
IT Team Leader 40-43
IT Technologist I 35
IT Technologist II 36
IT Technologist III 37
Senior IT Technologist I 38
Senior IT Technologist II 39
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Non-faculty jobs providing administration and support of library functions.

Job Title Pay Grade
Assistant Librarian NA
Librarian NA
Library Aide 31
Library Associate I 32
Library Associate II 33
Library Associate III 34
Library Supervisor I 36
Library Supervisor II 37
Library Supervisor III 38
Professional Library Assistant 40
Senior Library Associate I 35
Senior Library Associate II 36
Senior Library Associate III 37
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Medical Administrative Support

Jobs providing administrative and clerical support in the medical field.

Job Title Pay Grade
Medical Administrative Aide 31
Medical Administrative Assistant I 32
Medical Administrative Assistant II 33
Medical Administrative Assistant III 34
Medical Administrative Coordinato 38
Medical Administrative Specialist I 35
Medical Administrative Specialist II 36
Medical Administrative Supervisor 34
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Medical Professional

Professional jobs in the medical field.

Job Title Pay Grade
Anesthesiologist NA
Assistant Chief NA
Assistant Medical Director NA
Assistant Nurse Manager NA
Associate Medical Director NA
Chief NA
Clinical Coordinator NA
Cytogenetic Associate NA
Cytogeneticist NA
Dental Hygienist NA
Dietitian NA
Genetic Associate NA
Genetic Counselor NA
Health Educator NA
Health Physicist NA
Laser Technologist NA
Medical Affairs Research Associate NA
Medical Director NA
Medical Physicist NA
Medical Records Administrator NA
Medical Records Librarian NA
Nurse Anesthetist NA
Nurse Practitioner NA
Nurse Recruiter NA
Nursing Supervisor NA
Nutritionist NA
Occupational Therapist NA
Pathologist NA
Pathologist Assistant NA
Patient Care Coordinator NA
Perfusionist NA
Pharmacist NA
Pharmacy Resident NA
Physical Therapist NA
Physician NA
Physician’s Assistant NA
Psychiatrist NA
Psychological Examiner NA
Radiologist NA
Registered Nurse NA
Research Clinic Assistant NA
Research Medical Technologist NA
Research Nurse NA
Research Nurse Coordinator NA
Research Nurse Director NA
Research Nurse Manager NA
Senior Occupational Therapist NA
Senior Pharmacist NA
Senior Physical Therapist NA
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Medical Service

Non-exempt jobs in the medical service field.

Job Title Pay Grade
Medical Service Aide 31
Medical Service Assistant I 32
Medical Service Assistant II 33
Medical Specialist I 35
Medical Specialist II 36
Medical Specialist III 37
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Medical Technical

Technical and research jobs in the medical field.

Job Title Pay Grade
Assistant Head Nurse 38
Assistant Laboratory Section Chief 38
Biomedical Engineering Technician I 35
Biomedical Engineering Technician II 36
Biomedical Engineering Technician III 39
Cardiac Vascular Laboratory Nurse 38
Certified Medical Lab Assistant 33
Clinical Aide 31
Clinical Assistant I 32
Clinical Assistant II 33
Clinical Assistant III 34
Clinical Cytotechnologist 34
Clinical Specialist I 35
Clinical Specialist II 36
Clinical Specialist III 37
Clinical Supervisor I 36
Clinical Supervisor II 37
Electrocardiogram Technician I 31
Electrocardiogram Technician II 32
Electroencephalograph Technician 32
Flight Paramedic 36
Head Nurse 39
Histologic Technician 32
Home Health & Hospice LPN 35
Home Health & Hospice Nurse 38
Hospital Trainee 30
Laboratory Section Chief 39
Laboratory Technologist 37
Licensed Practical Nurse I 33
Licensed Practical Nurse II 34
Medical Laboratory Technician 33
Medical Research Supervisor 40
Medical Technologist 37
Nuclear Medical Technologist 37
Nurse Specialist 38
Occupational Therapy Assistant 33
Physical Therapy Assistant 33
Radiation Therapist I 36
Radiation Therapist II 37
Radiological Technologist I 35
Radiological Technologist II 37
Respiratory Care Assistant 32
Respiratory Care Technician 34
Respiratory Care Therapist 37
Senior Cardiac Special Procedures Technician 38
Senior Clinical Specialist I 38
Senior Clinical Specialist II 39
Senior Laboratory Technologist 38
Senior Nuclear Medicine Technologist 38
Sonographer 35
Special Imaging Technologist 37
Staff Nurse 37
Surgical Technician 32
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Other Professional

Jobs that generally require licensure or certification and other jobs not elsewhere classified.

Job Title Pay Grade
Architect I 43
Architect II 44
Assistant Chaplain NA
Assistant General Counsel 46
Associate General Counsel 47
Audiologist 43-44
Chaplain 70
Chemist 45
Chief Pilot 46
Compliance Officer 43-44
Consultant NA
Design Consultant 40
Design Specialist 40
Engineer I 42
Engineer II 42-44
Engineer III 44-46
Horticulturist 41
Industrial Hygienist 38
Legal Specialist I 44
Legal Specialist II NA
Pilot 43
Professional Intern 38-40
Psychologist 44
Radiologist Safety Officer 45
Safety Officer 45
Senior Consultant NA
Social Worker NA
Speech Pathologist NA
Staff Associate Architect 42
Staff Attorney 43
Statistician 41
Technologist NA
Veterinarian 47
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Security and law enforcement services.

Job Title Pay Grade
Assistant Chief of Police 44
Chief of Police 47
Detective 36
Police Captain 43
Police Dispatcher I 31
Police Dispatcher II 32
Police Dispatcher III 33
Police Lieutenant 37
Police Sergeant 35
Police Specialist I 33
Police Specialist II 34
Police Specialist III 35
Security Guard I 30
Security Guard II 31
Security Guard III 32
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Public Service

Exempt jobs performing advising, consulting and training functions for external clients.


Job Title Pay Grade
IPS Consultant I 41
IPS Consultant II 42
IPS Consultant III 43
IPS Consultant IV 44
IPS Program Manager I 42
IPS Program Manager II 43
IPS Program Manager III 44
IPS Program Manager IV 45
IPS Specialist I 41
IPS Specialist II 42
IPS Specialist III 43
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Technical and research related jobs in laboratories, research and animal care units.


Job Title Pay Grade
Consultant NA
Executive Research Consultant NA
Research Aide 31
Research Associate I 39-40
Research Associate II 41-42
Research Associate III 43-44
Research Consultant 43-44
Research Coordinator I 38
Research Coordinator II 39
Research Director 46-49
Research Leader I 45-46
Research Leader II 47-48
Research Scientist I 45-46
Research Scientist II 47-48
Research Specialist I 35
Research Specialist II 36
Research Specialist III 37
Research Supervisor I 37
Research Supervisor II 38
Research Supervisor III 39
Research Technician I 32
Research Technician II 33
Research Technician III 34
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Non-exempt jobs in the service area such as custodial, dining services and non-craft maintenance.


Job Title Pay Grade
Agricultural Service Aide II 31
Agricultural Service Assistant I 32
Agricultural Srv Assistant II 33
Agricultural Srv Supervisor I 34
Agricultural Srv Supervisor II 35
Agriculture Service Aide I 30
Athletic Service Aide I 30
Athletic Service Aide II 31
Athletic Services Assistant I 32
Athletic Services Assistant II 33
Building Services Aide I 30
Building Services Aide II 31
Building Services Assistant I 32
Building Services Assistant II 33
Building Services Assistant III 34
Building Services Supervisor I 35
Building Srvs Supervisor II 36
Building Srvs Supervisor III 37
Building Srvs Supervisor IV 38
Casual Laborer 30
Childcare Aide I 30
Childcare Aide II 31
Childcare Assistant I 32
Childcare Assistant II 33
Childcare Assistant III 34
Childcare Specialist I 35
Childcare Specialist II 36
Food Technology Aide I 30
Food Technology Aide II 31
Food Technology Assistant I 32
Food Technology Assistant II 33
Food Technology Assistant III 34
Food Technology Supervisor 35
Landscape Aide I 30
Landscape Aide II 31
Landscape Assistant I 32
Landscape Assistant II 33
Landscape Assistant III 34
Landscape Supervisor I 35
Landscape Supervisor II 36
Landscape Supervisor III 37
Landscape Supervisor IV 38
Lifeguard 31
Non-UT Student Assistant NA
Parking Services Aide I 30
Parking Services Aide II 31
Parking Services Assistant I 32
Parking Services Assistant II 33
Parking Services Assistant II 34
Parking Services Supervisor I 35
Parking Services Supervisor II 36
Parking Services Supervisor III 37
Senior Vehicle Operator I 33
Senior Vehicle Operator II 34
Senior Vehicle Operator III 35
Sr Service Supervisor I 36
Sr Service Supervisor II 37
Sr Service Supervisor III 38
Sr Service Supervisor IV 39
StageHand NA
Usher NA
Vehicle Operator I 30
Vehicle Operator II 31
Vehicle Operator III 32
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Jobs that require the incumbent in the job to be a student.

Job Title Pay Grade
Assistant to the Head Resident 29
Faculty Assistant 29
Fellow 29
Graduate Assistant 29
Graduate Research Assistant 29
Graduate Research Associate 29
Graduate Teaching Assistant 29
Graduate Teaching Associate 29
Intern 29
Medical Intern 29
Medical Resident 29
Post-Doctoral Trainee 29
Research Participant 29
Resident Assistant 29
Student (New Exempt Position) 29
Student (New Non-Exempt Position) 29
Student Assistant 29
Student Publications Assistant 29
Trainee 29
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant 29
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Student Services

Jobs that are in the area of student services and/or support.


Job Title Pay Grade
Advisor I 39
Advisor II 40-41
Assistant Registrar 40-41
Associate Registrar NA
Counselor 37-39
Financial Aid Advisor 37
Hall Director 38
Interpreter I 35
Interpreter II 37
Registrar NA
Student Services Aide 31
Student Services Assistant I 32
Student Services Assistant II 33
Student Services Assistant III 34
Student Services Coordinator 38
Student Services Specialist I 35
Student Services Specialist II 36
Student Services Specialist III 37
Student Services Supervisor I 35
Student Services Supervisor II 36
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Non-exempt jobs in technical fields such as electronics, telecommunications and drafting.


Job Title Pay Grade
Senior Technical Specialist I 38
Senior Technical Specialist II 39
Technical Assistant I 32
Technical Assistant II 33
Technical Assistant III 34
Technical Specialist I 35
Technical Specialist II 36
Technical Specialist III 37
Technical Supervisor I 37
Technical Supervisor II 38
Technical Supervisor III 39
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