The University of Tennessee job families are a result of a comprehensive assessment of the jobs across the UT System. The roles within each job family were created to more accurately reflect work being done. We invite you to explore the job families, roles and levels to learn more.

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Historical Overview of 2021 Compensation Project


Phase 1 – Staff Position Descriptions (Complete)

Effective July 3, 2017, a new position description form was introduced—making it easier and more effective to create and update staff position descriptions.

The form captures the various components of a specific position and is a critical component of evaluating performance. It replaces the position description questionnaire (PDQ) and should be used by supervisors who are reorganizing departments, creating new positions, filling vacant positions or submitting positions for evaluation and reclassification. Accurate and up-to-date position descriptions also are important for evaluating performance and making decisions about pay.

Online course: How to Write an Effective Position Description

Phase 2 – Job Families

Once positions are accurately described, it’s important to group them by similar types of work and required training, skills, knowledge and expertise.

A statewide human resources team was appointed in June 2017 to review and update job families—classifications grouped by similar types of work and required training, skills, knowledge and expertise. Focus group discussions were conducted at each campus and institute to gain a better understanding of the roles and levels within each job family. The focus groups provided essential feedback to ensure the new and revised roles within each family are an accurate description of work. Position descriptions for regular staff also were used to validate the new job family descriptions.

To date, more than 90 job family descriptions have been reviewed and updated to ensure accurate representations of work. Answers to frequently asked questions about the project are available for those who want to learn more.


Phase 3 – Market-Based Pay Ranges and Benchmarking

We are conducting a system-wide market assessment to evaluate and identify gaps in pay and benefits based on the updated position descriptions and revised job families. The last system-wide study was conducted in 2011 with additional studies undertaken by each campus and institute in the last six years.


Archived Announcements

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