Job Summary

Performs routine duties and responsibilities including providing personal and community safety at the university. Maintains a safe environment on university property governed by the enforcement of university rules and regulations.

Job Functions

  • Serves as a lead Security Guard.
  • Trains Security Guards I’s and II’s.
  • Responsible for physical security of university property.
  • Locks and unlocks doors of campus buildings.
  • Issues citations for illegally parked vehicles on university property.
  • Regulates pedestrian traffic control.
  • Picks up and delivers mail as needed.
  • Notifies UT Police of suspicious persons or perceived criminal acts.
  • Provides customer service to staff, students, faculty, and visitors to the university.
  • Operates university vehicles as needed.
  • Performs other related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

High school degree or equivalent and one year of experience as a security officer. Valid Tennessee driver’s license, if operating a university vehicle. Good communication skills.

Job Family


FLSA Status


EEO Category

Service (Non-Supervisory)

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Job Key


Pay Grade