Job Summary

Oversees a portion of an athletic sport. Recruits athletes, motivates and prepares athletes for competition, and oversees the daily management of area. Provides guidance and direction to designated personnel. Responsible for training programs for all sports.

Job Functions

  • Manages athletic training programs; evaluates transfers and students.
  • Supervises the treatment of athlete’s injuries using appropriate medical protocols.
  • Supervises the development and implementation of rehabilitation programs using therapeutic modalities and exercise techniques.
  • Organizes and communicates medical needs of athletes to athletic trainers, and physicians.
  • Supervises and Evaluates Athletic Trainers, Graduate student, and student athletic trainers.
  • Supervises the athletic trainers employed as well as undergraduate student athletic trainers.
  • Makes recommendations for medical policy/procedure issues.
  • Prepares budget and forecasts fiscal needs.
  • Monitors and authorizes all Training Room supply, equipment, and resource expenditures.
  • Performs other related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

Master’s degree and five-six years experience.

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