Job Family Concept

The Veterinary and Animal Care job family provides support for animal care facilities, veterinarian clinics, and laboratories. This job family is focused on advancing animal health through research and educating others in the art and science of veterinary medicine and providing care to animals.


Role Descriptions

Role descriptions below outline the distinguishing functions of each role within this job family.

Veterinary and Animal Care Assistant:
Responsible for performing animal care associated with the operation of a laboratory animal facility or teaching hospital. Performs any combination of duties to attend to the care of animals. This includes tasks in animal care, sanitation, operations support, and quality control.
Veterinary and Animal Care Technician:
Responsible for performing veterinary care and procedures associated with the operation of a laboratory animal facility or teaching hospital. This role may oversee the work of others and/or manage processes and programs; however, this is a secondary function of the job.  Competencies for this role are usually gained through formal education and/or certification, specialized training, and/or experience in a program or specialty area specific to the position responsibilities.
Veterinary and Animal Care Supervisor:
Responsible for supervising and supporting the education, research, and clinical programs in the technical services specialty area. Provides staff management to include scheduling time, performance management, supply and logistics, identifying training needs, and provides input on hiring.
Veterinary and Animal Care Veterinarian:
Responsible for caring for the health of animals and working to protect public health. This position provides professional veterinary expertise and direction in educational and/or research facilities. They diagnose, treat, and research medical conditions and diseases of pets, livestock, and other animals.


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