What positions were not included in this project?

Temporary, instructional faculty, students, some post-doctoral research associates, and positions in the Extension job family were not included.

How were positions assigned to the job families?

Updated position descriptions (PDs) were requested and used to assign positions to the new job families.

How was it determined to which job family a position belongs?

The job families were developed to describe specific fields of work. Position descriptions were reviewed and assigned to job families based on the nature and majority of the work described in the position description.

Are managers reviewing new job family classifications?

Each campus and institute have conducted management review sessions to review the job family classifications. These reviews were conducted according to the respective campus/institute’s structure and needs.

Will employees receive information on their new job family classifications and market ranges?

Yes, each campus and institute will disseminate information to employees.

Are current posted positions using the old structure or the new structure?

Until the new structure is implemented, posted positions should follow the current recruitment procedures. There is a plan to move positions that are posted at the time of the project implementation to the new job family structure. At that time, posted positions will be subject to the new procedures.

How do I get a copy of my position description (PD)?

Work with your supervisor to request a copy of your PD.

What if my PD needs to be updated?

Work with your supervisor to determine if your PD needs to be updated. Each campus and institute have their own procedures for reviewing PDs. Contact your Human Resources office for additional information.

What is the difference between management and professional roles?

Management roles have the primary responsibility for managing people and programs/departments and setting and participating in strategic planning. Professional roles have the primary responsibility to perform professional functions and managing people is a secondary part of the role.