Job Family Concept

The Research job family is responsible for all aspects of research related activities by facilitating the dissemination of information through the discovery of new knowledge, techniques, and concepts using theoretical, applied, clinical and translational methods. This family is involved in conducting, supporting, and managing research related to engineering; and physical, life, and social sciences; and clinical and community-based studies.


Role Descriptions

Role descriptions below outline the distinguishing functions of each role within this job family.

Research Lab/Facility Management:
Responsible for managing operations of a laboratory or facility in support of research and/or medical activities. Competencies for this role are typically gained through specialized training.
Research Technician:
Responsible for providing routine and non-routine technical support to researchers by performing a variety of tasks in support of research. The research technician performs tasks in an agriculture or laboratory setting, in the field, or other research settings.
Research Consultant:
Responsible for consultative services involved with research design, improving methods, and enhancing research projects and programs.
Research Studies:
Responsible for coordinating and managing the operations of research studies. This role may perform research tasks; however, the purpose of the role is to organize the research process of clinical, non-clinical, or community-based research studies by performing tasks to coordinate and manage the operations of the study.
Responsible for either planning, maintaining, or completing all phases of research programs and/or projects and related activities involved in the discovery of new knowledge, techniques, materials, and concepts, which require fundamental scientific, research, or engineering knowledge, skills, and abilities achieved by professional preparation. Levels are distinguished based on autonomy, complexity, and proven expertise.
Research Management:
Responsible for providing senior-level strategic expertise and guidance focused on research. This role is responsible for people and resource management. This role accomplishes goals through overseeing areas of responsibility, planning, managing resources, prioritizing, and directing the responsibilities of employees.


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