Job Family Concept

The Retail job family is responsible for supporting, coordinating, supervising, managing, or directing specialty retail activities related to the sale of goods and services designed to support the academic mission of the university community. Retail roles serve to provide convenience products, services, resources and materials to foster academic success, team pride, or entertainment.


Role Descriptions

Role descriptions below outline the distinguishing functions of each role within this job family.

Retail Associate:
Responsible for performing front-line customer service in a retail setting. This role performs entry-level functions involving the sale of goods and services. Customer service ranges from general customer assistance to using detailed product knowledge and merchandising displays to assisting customers with purchases. Competencies for this role are generally gained through on the job training.
Retail Specialist:
Responsible for providing specialized coordination, guidance, and expertise for a specific retail function. Competencies for this role are typically gained through on the job or specialized training.
Retail Management:
Responsible for providing leadership, direction, training, and management for financial activities, resources, staff, and operations of a retail unit. This role provides expertise for strategic and long-range planning. This role accomplishes goals through overseeing their areas of responsibility, planning, managing resources, prioritizing, and directing the responsibilities of employees.


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