Job Family Concept

The Student Services job family is responsible for providing support, professional and specialized guidance, management, mentoring, and strategic planning to a specialized area of student services. Student Services roles provide services and information directly to faculty, staff, students and their families including, but not limited to, the areas of programming, diversity and inclusion, career services, advising, academic success, housing, health and wellness education, student advocacy, financial aid and scholarships, counseling, recreational services, admissions/recruiting, financial and official academic records management, registration, student related space management, student retention, and student conduct. Student Services roles must adhere to local, state, and federal regulations and professional standards associated with area of service.


Role Descriptions

Role descriptions below outline the distinguishing functions of each role within this job family.

Student Services Associate:
Responsible for specialized support functions for a student services unit. Typically, serves as a first point of contact for students and their families, and is generally not involved in programming. Primary responsibility is processing and delivering information. Competencies for this role are usually gained through specialized or on-the-job training.
Student Services Professional:
Responsible for providing specialized advice, coordination, guidance, and expertise for a specific student related function. Demonstrates a level of expertise in one or more complex areas and is responsible for advising and guiding students and their families in a more complex area requiring professional preparation. This role regularly participates in relevant professional development activities to ensure relevancy with current practices and knowledge. May oversee the work of others, however this is a secondary function of the role. Competencies for this role are usually gained through formal education, specialized training, and/or experience in a program or specialty area specific to the position responsibilities.
Student Services Management:
Responsible for providing leadership, direction, training, and management for financial activities, resources and operations of a Student Services centered unit, department, or division. Provides strategic expertise and guidance, and has increased accountability. Distinguished from other management roles by its primary focus on management of student services activities and operations. Management level roles accomplish their goals and responsibilities primarily through the management of staff in operational support and/or professional roles. Management level roles have the management and development of people as a major accountability and generally have direct reports. The majority of time is spent overseeing their areas of responsibility, planning, managing resources, prioritizing, and/or directing the responsibilities of employees.


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