Job Family Concept

Positions allocated to the Arts and Culture job family are responsible for supporting cultural and performing arts and student productions of artistic events.


Role Descriptions

Role descriptions below outline the distinguishing functions of each role within this job family.

Arts and Culture Specialist:
Responsible for technical support of artistic and cultural productions and events. Positions in this role may supervise the work of others; however, this is not the primary function of the role. Competencies for this role are usually gained through specialized training, and/or experience in a specialty area specific to the position responsibilities. Specialized and progressively responsible experience is required as the level increases.
Arts and Culture Management:
Responsible for the leadership, direction, training, and operational management of a unit focused primarily on arts and culture. Provides strategic expertise and guidance on a broad cross-section of production functions. This role accomplishes goals through overseeing their areas of responsibility, planning, managing resources, prioritizing, and directing the responsibilities of employees.


Effective Date: TBD