Job Family Concept

The Communications and Marketing job family provides information dissemination to internal and external audiences. Roles in this family are responsible for creative processes, marketing, public relations, branding, media releases, communications and media production, printed and electronic publications, website content design/management, and social media. The Communications and Marketing functions include the support, coordination, production, and management of written, visual, and digital marketing and communications.


Role Descriptions

Role descriptions below outline the distinguishing functions of each role within this job family.

Communications and Marketing Associate:
Responsible for support and coordination for the development and dissemination of informational materials or products by performing a variety of tasks that follow set policies and procedures. Competencies for this role are usually gained through specialized or on-the-job training.
Communications and Marketing Special Events:
Responsible for independently designing, planning, implementing, and managing event projects from conception to clean up while ensuring cultural and university customs and protocols are observed. May supervise the work of others; however, this is a secondary function of the role. Competencies for this role are usually gained through formal education, specialized training, and experience in a specialty area related to the position responsibilities.
Communications and Marketing Professional:
Responsible for the design, delivery, and implementation of communications and marketing functions and creating independent original content. Demonstrates a level of expertise in one or more areas or mediums. May oversee the work of others; however, this is secondary to the function of the role. Competencies for this role are usually gained through formal education, specialized training, and/or experience in a program or specialty area specific to the position responsibilities. Specialized and progressively responsible experience is required as the level increases.
Communications and Marketing Management:
Responsible for providing leadership, direction, training, and management for a communications and marketing operational unit. Provides strategic expertise and guidance on a broad section of communications and marketing functions. Management level roles accomplish their goals and responsibilities primarily through the management of staff in operational support and/or professional roles. Management level roles have the management and development of people as a major accountability and generally have direct reports. The majority of time is spent overseeing their areas of responsibility, planning, managing resources, prioritizing, and directing the responsibilities of employees.


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