Application Process

All applications should be submitted online. The first step in the process is to visit the UT Jobs and choose from one of the two applicant gateways depending on whether you are interested in faculty or staff positions. If you are an external candidate, you will create a new account to submit your application. You will be guided through the application process and be able to search and apply for open positions.

If you need assistance with completing the online application, call the UT Human Resources Call Center at (888) 444-UTHR.

To complete the online application, an email address is required. You will receive an email message to confirm you have applied for a specific position and again when your application is forwarded to a hiring department for consideration. Additional notifications will be sent as appropriate via email throughout the recruitment process.
You will receive an email confirmation upon completing the online application process. To ensure that you submitted accurate information, you are encouraged to log in to your account and review your information.
Go to the login screen and click on “Forgot your Password?” You will need to enter your email address. Once submitted, an email message with the subject line “Password Recovery” will be sent to the email address for your user profile. Click on the link in the email and follow the instructions to reset your password. You will receive an email confirmation when your password has been successfully reset.

Searching and Applying for Open Positions

Go to “Search/Apply for Jobs” to search for positions by location, type of position, entity, shift, requisition number, keywords or by the date a position was posted.
You will receive an email confirmation when you have successfully applied to an open position. Your application and qualifications will be reviewed for the minimum qualifications and preferred skills and experience for the position. The hiring manager will review applications and select those he/she is interested in contacting for an interview. The hiring manager will contact an applicant directly to arrange an interview. Following interviews, the hiring manager will select the most suitable candidate for the position. You are encouraged to log in to check the status of your application at any point in the process.
The hiring department can provide this information during the selection process.
The hiring department determines which applicants it is interested in interviewing for an open position.
Faculty positions are handled by individual departments seeking candidates for those positions.
Any position that appears on the job postings website remains open. You may also check the status of positions you have directly applied for through the job submission status section in your account. The job status column contains the current status of positions you have applied for directly.
Positions are posted for a minimum of seven calendar days. UT does not have defined closing dates for positions. A position will remain open until filled.
If a position is no longer on the website, the position has either been filled or closed. You also can review your application status (see information below on this feature) which will show when a position you have directly applied for has been filled/closed.
If you need assistance with the employment process, call the UT Human Resources Call Center at 1-888-444-UTHR, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. eastern.

Application Status

You can log in to your account and click on the job submission status for an update on those positions to which you have applied. The job status column in this feature will show you the current status of the position. The HR status column in this feature will show your individual status within the position.
You can monitor the status of your application online through the job submission status feature. If your resume is forwarded to a hiring department for consideration, you will receive an email, and your job submission status will be updated. You will be contacted if the University is interested in speaking with you regarding the position. Due to the volume of applicants UT receives, we regret that we are unable to respond to candidates individually regarding the status of their applications.
A recruiter or hiring manager will contact you if he/she is interested in speaking with you about a position you applied for. Due to the volume of applicants UT receives, we regret that we are unable to respond to candidates individually regarding the status of their applications.

Background Checks

In an effort to protect the University, its employees, students and visitors, UT completes pre-employment background checks for all regular faculty and staff positions. Background checks also are conducted for current employees who apply for certain internal positions or who have direct contact with minors through certain programs.

The background check will include:

  • Analyzed Social Security Number Search
  • County Criminal Records Search
  • Federal Criminal Records Search
  • National Criminal Records Search
  • National Sexual Offender Database Search
  • Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR) Driving History
  • Sanctions Base Search (Patriot’s Act)

Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system is an online program used to monitor and coordinate job openings and applications and help manage recruitment needs.

Jobs are posted online and candidate resumes and applications are stored inside the program’s secure database to permit effective searching, matching and routing of applicants by HR staff.

Applicant tracking systems help reduce inefficiencies by automating processes and allow for better and faster recruitment decisions.

Recruiting and retaining a talented workforce are critical to the University’s success, and maintaining an up-to-date and effective hiring system is necessary to achieve those goals.

Prior to launching the new system in January 2012, each campus and institute used different methods for online recruitment, and there were several reasons why it was important the University transition to a more streamlined approach.

The new applicant tracking system integrates open staff positions across the University into one, easy-to-navigate database.

The new system offers improved efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment efforts statewide and benefits both job seekers and staff tasked with filling positions.

Some employers using the same system include Georgia Tech, Cornell and Purdue universities, Target and Hilton Hotels.
The University’s System Human Resources office identified the need for an up-to-date recruiting and hiring system and included the project in HR’s five-year strategic plan.

The implementation for staff was approved statewide by the president and campus and institute leaders.

Current and prospective employees can search open positions by location and entity, upload required materials and submit employment forms after accepting a position.

Internal applicants can apply for positions faster and easier because the system automatically adds information the University already has on file.

All applicants can check their application status electronically, and job postings are removed automatically once positions are filled.

With the new system, it is easier to post jobs, search applicant materials and request and receive necessary approvals from HR throughout the hiring process.

The new system also allows HR and equity and diversity staff to review important hiring trends such as time-to-fill and diversity metrics and analysis of why applicants decline job offers.

No. The January 2012 phase of implementation included staff positions only. Faculty positions will be implemented later.

All employment and recruitment officers, hiring managers and IRIS department specialists were trained prior to the launch. Additional tutorials and frequently asked questions are available within the system.

Frequently asked questions and tutorials also are available within the system for job seekers, and staff contact information is listed for additional questions.

Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome and should be directed to campus and institute human resource officers or emailed to

The HR Call Center also is available to answer questions and can be reached at (888) 444-UTHR.