UT’s Compensation Advisory Board (CAB) was launched in March 2010 to help guide the University’s compensation philosophy, structure and programs. The board serves in an advisory capacity and includes administrators, faculty and staff from every campus and institute.

Richard Brown, executive vice chancellor for finance and operations at UT Chattanooga, was named as chair of CAB in 2011 and is dedicated to the University’s desire to improve the total compensation of its employees.

“I am honored to serve as chair of the UT Compensation Advisory Board. Working collaboratively with an outstanding committee of colleagues from every UT campus and institute, CAB continues to guide our compensation philosophy and develop ‘best practice’ solutions regarding employee benefits, compensation policy, employee engagement, job market assessments, rewards and recognition for employees and strategies that help UT recruit and retain the best and brightest faculty and staff members. I wish to thank President DiPietro for his vision and leadership support of this mission-critical work. CAB also thanks the UT System HR team and the chancellors and leaders on each campus for their ongoing support.”

Dr. Richard Brown

CAB is supported by the vice president for human resources. Explore this site to learn more about CAB, its roles, projects and future plans.

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