We value a commitment to excellence through:

  • Diversity:  We encourage a professional staff that leverages differences in a continuous, fully engaged quest for improvement and innovation.
  • Innovation:  We demonstrate proactive adaptability by delivering effective and efficient programs and services of the highest quality to meet the dynamic needs of the university.
  • Integrity:  We conduct ourselves in an honest, ethical, and credible manner with an unwavering commitment to fairness and doing what is in the best interests of the university.
  • Open & Honest Communication:  We encourage courteous, ethical, and proactive two-way communication.
  • Respect:  We honor and preserve the individual dignity of everyone across all levels of the organization.
  • Teamwork:  While ensuring the utmost confidentiality we are committed to professionalism, accountability, and collaboration across all campuses to be successful in reaching our common goals.
  • Work-Life Balance:  We recognize the value of balancing our individual personal and professional lives in order to maximize the overall performance of the organization.


We strengthen the University of Tennessee’s human resources by providing support and leadership in a diverse, respectful, and welcoming environment where employees thrive in an innovative and meaningful community.

We share expertise in HR best practices to advance the university’s strategic plan.

We create a dynamic and sustaining 21st century fUTure work force by bringing together and collaborating with the faculty and staff, administration, campuses, and institutes.


We realize our full potential by following best practices, leading change, partnering strategically, and using the full scale of our resources to deliver excellent programs and services.