The University of Tennessee offers educational assistance to its regular employees and their spouses and dependent children.


Full-time regular faculty and staff may enroll without payment of maintenance fees for up to a maximum of nine undergraduate or graduate credit hours per term/semester. Part-time regular faculty and staff working 50 percent time or more may enroll without payment of maintenance fees based upon their percent of effort.  In addition, state law provides full-time regular employees with a fee waiver for one course for credit per term at any state supported college, university, or area vocational-technical school.


A student fee discount is provided for employees’ spouses and dependent children who are classified as undergraduate students at approved state of Tennessee schools and to encourage such qualified students to attend the university.

  • Regular Full-time employees

    • UT will pay 50% towards in-state maintenance fee.
  • Regular Part-time employees

    • UT will pay pro-rata share of the 50% in-state maintenance fee, depending on your percent of effort. Part-Time (50-99%) employee must be employed for one year to receive the full 50% discount.