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The UT System Office of Employee and Organizational Development (EOD) embraces life-long learning and provides all employees with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Each year we deliver a wide variety of facilitated workshops, seminars, and conferences for the benefit of our faculty and staff. Additionally, we offer a growing number of self-paced eLearning courses at no cost to employees on a full spectrum of topics—making it convenient for employees to meet their development needs.

Visit our website regularly for updates on new content, certificate programs, and other learning events.


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Who is your EOD business partner? EOD operates under a business-partner model to ensure personalized services for every campus and institute.

  • UT Chattanooga – Alyssa Thom (athom2@tennessee.edu)
  • UT Foundation – Jeannie Tennant (jtennan4@tennessee.edu)
  • UT Health Science Center – Alyssa Thom (athom2@tennessee.edu)
  • UT Institute for Public Service – Kortney Jarman (kjarman@tennessee.edu)
  • UT Knoxville – Jeannie Tennant (jtennan4@tennessee.edu) and Izetta Slade (izetta.slade@tennessee.edu)
  • UT Knoxville, Institute of Agriculture – Kortney Jarman (kjarman@tennessee.edu)
  • UT Knoxville, Space Institute – Sarah Crichton (sarrcric@tennessee.edu)
  • UT Martin – Sarah Crichton (sarrcric@tennessee.edu)
  • UT Southern – Sarah Crichton (sarrcric@tennessee.edu)
  • UT System Administration – Jeannie Tennant (jtennan4@tennessee.edu)