This revamped online certificate program, with all-new LinkedIn content, provides an overview of human resources (HR) functions, focusing on essential skills used by HR professionals and those providing direct and indirect support for HR functions. Content includes ethics, total rewards, change management, workforce management, risk management and human resource development.

Intended Audience

EOD certificate programs are offered only to UT employees.

This certificate program is designed to benefit various levels of employees and supervisors whose jobs support HR, or perform HR related tasks. It is most helpful for academic business managers and HR professionals and will enhance their general understanding and capabilities on human resources matters. The online learning approach is suitable for those who have unpredictable work schedules or other time commitments that prevent them from attending in-person training.


Participants will be assigned 18 online courses, plus 1 quiz  (20 total credit hours). The courses are grouped into three parts and should be completed in order. Upon completion of all of the courses, participants will be assigned a one-credit-hour multiple-choice quiz, consisting of questions taken directly from the LinkedIn Learning in-course quizzes. You must answer 70% correctly to pass. You may retake the quiz if you do not pass the first time.


First 60 Days
Course Title Credit Hours
HR as a Business Partner 0.5
Strategic Human Resources 1
Hiring, Managing, and Separating from Employees 2
Human Resources: Strategic Workforce Planning 1
Organizational Culture 1
Human Resources: Protecting Confidentiality 1
Project Management Foundations 1
Second 60 Days
Course Title Credit Hours
Human Resources: Compensation and Benefits 1.5
Human Resources: Pay Strategy 1
Human Resources: Using Metrics to Drive HR Strategy 1
Creating a High Performance Culture 1
Human Resources: Building a Performance Management System 1
Embracing Unexpected Change 0.5
Final 60 Days
Course Title Credit Hours
Human Resources: Job Structure and Design 0.5
Hiring and Developing Your Future Workforce 1.5
Motivating and Engaging Employees 1
Business Ethics 1.5
Decision-Making Strategies 1

How to Enroll

Register for this certificate program in K@TE, the learning management system. After you log in with your NetID and password:

  1. Search in the top right search bar: “Basics for HR Generalists 2.0 – Online Certificate.”
  2. Click “Request.”
  3. Once you open the curriculum inside your transcript, you will see a list of the courses.
  4. You will need to click “Launch” in the drop-down menu to the right in order to start the first course.
  5. New courses will become available for you to launch as you complete previous courses in the curriculum.

Please email with any questions.