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An application and published material describing the program must be made to the fund committee at least three weeks before the program/activity.
The fund will reimburse the employee for all activities after successful completion of the approved program. In some cases the employee’s department will pay the registration for conferences and seminars, and the CDF will reimburse the department. If the request is for reimbursement of exams (CPA, CAP, ASE), the individual must pay the registration and be reimbursed.
The fund cannot be used to pay for travel expenses, events outside the state of Tennessee, international events, textbook costs, membership in organizations, or used in conjunction with employee fee waiver program.
To be eligible, employees must be classified as non-exempt, regular full-time or part-time employees for at least six months.

Full-time, non-exempt staff employees may receive up to $150 per fiscal year for approved career development activities. Part-time non-exempt employees receive funding on a pro-rata basis.