The draft job family descriptions on this page were created as part of the 2017-18 Compensation Project. We invite your review and feedback on these drafts.


Job Families Group 1:
Administrative Services, Financial Services, Human Resources, Laboratory, Medical and Research

18 drafted job family descriptions are available for review. All drafts are in PDF format, and listed alphabetically under each category. Please submit your feedback by Jan. 31.

Administrative Services

Financial Services

Human Resources





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Job Families Group 2:
Communications and Marketing, Crafts and Facilities, UT Institute of Agriculture Extension, Information Technology, Library and Museum and Student Services

Work on job family group 2 will begin in January. Drafts of these families should be able for review and feedback by mid-March.

Job Families Group 3:
Athletics, Compliance, Development, UT Institute for Public Service, Law and Safety, Procurement and All Others

Work on job family group 3 will begin in March.