One of the perks of working on a college campus is having free or discounted access to on-site recreation centers, group classes, pools, indoor tracks, walking trails and exercise clubs.

On-Site Recreation Centersexercise-classes

Fitness Center Discount Program

Employees enrolled in the state of Tennessee’s health insurance program also have access to discounted rates at many local fitness centers. Learn more about the ParTNers for Health Fitness Center Discount Program, and scan the list of participating facilities.




Other Ways to Get Moving

Take the Desk-Bound Challenge

  • Stand up for 2 minutes every 20 minutes
  • Walk for 30 minutes at lunch
  • Take the stairs at least 1 time a day
  • Park in the back of the lot
  • Print to the copier that’s down the hall

Join a Walking Group

If you’re interested in fitting exercise into your daily work routine, consider joining a campus walking group, such as the UT Walking Community organized by the Center for Physical Activity and Health at UT Knoxville. All area employees are invited to attend monthly group walks and use the pre-mapped walking routes around campus.

Train for a Half Marathon

If running a half marathon is on your bucket list, consider joining a running club like the UT Chattanooga Half Marathon Club. In addition to group runs, the club meets once a month to discuss nutrition and injury prevention.