Whether you may be experiencing divorce, loss of a loved one, financial crisis, or other personal issues, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to you. The program provides free, confidential counseling to help employees and family members in times of need.

All regular UT employees working 75 percent time or more and their spouses and dependent children are eligible to take advantage of services. The program is managed by the state of Tennessee and administered by Magellan Health Services. Again, all calls and conversations are confidential.

Representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no enrollment process or paperwork needed. Simply reach out for support. Below are a few of the services available:

Short-Term Counseling

Life changes can be overwhelming, and it can help to have a professional walk you through these events. Whether it’s a divorce, death, or workplace stressor, you and your eligible family members can receive up to five free counseling sessions per issue, per year.

Identity Theft Assistance

Through EAP, you have access to an emergency response kit, a fraud resolution specialist to help you dispute charges, and counseling to reduce risk of identity theft in the future.

Legal Consultation

The legal consultation offered through the EAP helps connect you with the right attorney for your legal matter and includes one free 60-minute consultation with that attorney.

Work-Life Balance

Juggling everyday responsibilities—let alone issues that are difficult to control, such as caring for aging parents—leave little time to research the support services you may need. The EAP can connect you with a specialist who will research and recommend services to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Help Manage Stress at Work

If you think stress is affecting your department, try these tips:

  • Encourage a supportive environment. Create opportunities for people to express themselves.
  • Keep your team updated. Provide regular information about changes in the department.
  • Promote a group effort. Involve staff and co-workers as much as possible.
  • Listen well. Keep close enough to your department to counter rumors whenever possible.
  • Be inclusive. Try to ensure that no one feels left out.
  • Offer individual support. Take time to meet with those having difficulties.
  • Seek help. Suggest the Employee Assistance Program’s confidential services if needed
  • Recognize successes. Acknowledge positive contributions made by staff and celebrate their efforts.