Sick Leave Bank

What would happen if you had a major illness or injury and used all of your sick, annual, compensatory or personal leave? The sick leave bank may be able to help you cover additional time you may need without having to go on Leave without pay.  The sick leave banks at each campus and institute … Continued


Code of Conduct

What would you do? Let’s suppose that you encounter one of the following situations: You observe a practice that you suspect poses a conflict of interest, but you’re not 100 percent certain that there is a problem. You learn through a second-hand source that someone has accessed confidential information they were not authorized to access. … Continued


Hiring Processes and Reference Checks

Reference checks are an important part of the hiring process. They are used to verify a candidate’s employment history and to confirm basic experiences and accomplishments. Reference checks also allow interviewers to identify ‘gray areas’ from the candidate’s resume or from their interview or employment history. Human Resources policy requires that references are checked and … Continued


Compensation Update

By Julie Hunt, executive director of compensation Several factors contribute to offering fair and competitive pay, and work continues at UT to improve processes, classifications and pay structures. Among top HR priorities for 2018-19 are finalizing the “job families”—phase 2 of a compensation project that began last year and beginning “benchmarking” this fall for phase … Continued

Workplace Essentials