Sick Leave Bank

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What would happen if you had a major illness or injury and used all of your sick, annual, compensatory or personal leave? The sick leave bank may be able to help you cover additional time you may need without having to go on Leave without pay. 

The sick leave banks at each campus and institute were created to help eligible employees who need additional sick leave for serious injury or illness after they have exhausted all of their personal leave time. The sick leave bank does not cover time needed for illness or injury for family members. To be eligible to receive additional sick leave, you must be a member of the sick leave bank for at least 30 calendar days. 

Each year between April 1 and June 30, the sick leave bank offers an open enrollment period. Membership would begin on July 1. All regular employees who accrue sick leave and have a sick leave balance of at least six (6) days are eligible to join the sick leave bank by completing the open enrollment application. Upon membership, a total of three days will be deducted from your sick leave for the initial assessment. 

To discover more about the sick leave bank and to find your campus/institute’s open enrollment application and human resources contacts, visit