Hiring Processes and Reference Checks

Category: Features

Reference checks are an important part of the hiring process. They are used to verify a candidate’s employment history and to confirm basic experiences and accomplishments. Reference checks also allow interviewers to identify ‘gray areas’ from the candidate’s resume or from their interview or employment history. Human Resources policy requires that references are checked and documented for all hires, including those transferring from one position to another within the university. 

Past performance is often the best predictor of future success; therefore, reference checks are a vital component of the hiring process. When employers conduct reference checks, experts recommend that they talk to professional connections and ask behavioral-based, open-ended questions related to the position.

The University of Tennessee is committed to hiring the best and brightest talent. Your local HR office can help by providing assistance, best practices and training on conducting successful reference checks to ensure you have all of the information and resources needed to make a well-informed hiring decision.