Is the UT Compliance Hotline Really Anonymous?

By Bill Moles, director of institutional compliancecode of conduct logo

According to the National Business Ethics Survey, 40 percent of employees who see misconduct never report it. One obstacle may be that some employees prefer to remain anonymous.

At UT, we understand the need for anonymity when reporting misconduct. Complaints received by phone and online through the UT Compliance Hotline are received by a third-party entity, NAVEX EthicsPoint—the leading provider of hotline systems in higher education. The system gives employees the option to self-identify or remain anonymous. NAVEX EthicsPoint forwards the complaint to the UT System Office of Audit and Compliance (OAC), taking care that complaints not go to a individuals involved in the complaint. An excellent feature in the system is that it allows continued anonymous communication between the reporter and the University throughout the entire process.

OAC conducts the investigations for fraud and abuse. If a compliance concern is reported, OAC works with the appropriate compliance officer to review the allegation. Again, care is taken to ensure that the proper individuals are conducting the investigation. The University is committed to taking timely and appropriate action on all complaints.

Report concerns by visiting the hotline at or by calling 855-461-2771.