Try, Try Again

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” This phrase is applicable to many different situations. When someone is turned down for a job: try, try again. When a relationship doesn’t work out: try, try again. And Dr. Karen Johnson gives the same advice to those who have tried, and failed, to quit smoking: … Continued


2018 Wellness Voluntary Rewards Program

While the Partnership Promise will go away and will no longer be part of any health plan, members and enrolled spouses can get cash rewards for participating in a voluntary wellness program.


Ready to Quit?

Ready to Quit? Quitting tobacco is difficult—and quitting for good often requires several attempts—but the benefits of quitting are significant, and the state of Tennessee offers a range of cessation services to help employees who want to quit. MORE THAN 23 PERCENT OF TENNESSEANS CURRENTLY SMOKE. NATIONAL AVERAGE IS 18.4 PERCENT1 1 IN 5 DEATHS IN THE U.S. IS DUE TO … Continued