Responsible Reporting of Suspected Policy Violations and University Response

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code of conduct logoMaintaining and developing an ethical work environment that protects and supports UT employees depends on communicating policy violation concerns to the proper University officials so that corrective actions can be taken. The UT Code of Conduct is intended to assist employees and their departments in creating a responsible and ethical workplace. It outlines the basic expectations for employees, directs them to policy requirements and training resources and provides instructions for reporting concerns and violations. The second principle of the Code of Conduct contains expectations on reporting concerns and important information, of which everyone should be aware:

1. Employees are expected to report to the proper University officials any good-faith concern that compliance violations have occurred. 

2. Multiple avenues are available for reporting concerns, including anonymously. Visit the reporting concerns website at

3. Tennessee laws mandate reporting by any person who has knowledge of physical or mental harm to a child.

4. Employees are protected from retaliation if, in good faith, they report or attempt to report illegal activities or if they refuse to participate in illegal activities. 

More on the Code of Conduct is here:



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