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Creating and updating staff position descriptions just got easier and more effective. The new job classification request form and position description form enhance the current process of classifying jobs and are more user-friendly when changing or requesting a job.

Position Description Forms

The position description form replaces the position description questionnaire (PDQ).

“The forms have been updated and separated into two PDF-fillable forms,” said Julie Hunt, executive director of compensation. “The classification request form should be used to request a classification review and the position description form serves as the description of work.”

Hiring managers can use the new position description form to describe the various components of a speci c position, which range from job functions and supervisory responsibilities to qualifications and work schedule.

Elizabeth Greene, HR manager at UT Knoxville’s Hodges Library, said the library has used the form since May to ll positions that required reclassi cation. A er using the form to fill those positions, she provided feedback for updates, which included making the form more concise.

“The forms are much easier to use and allow you to provide the important information, focusing on the position itself,” she said. “It is easier now to list a summary of the position, then focus on the functions of that position in separate boxes. The way it’s laid out also makes it easier to distinguish between required and preferred (qualifications).”

Greene said that the library is working with employee supervisors on using the new forms when looking to hire or reclassifying a job.

“In July 2017, the library trained roughly 25 of our supervisors on how to write an effective PD using the new forms,” Greene said. The forms are available for download at hr.tennessee.edu/pay/position-descriptions/. Supervisors should complete both forms when reorganizing departments, creating new positions, filling vacant positions or submitting positions for evaluation and reclassification. Questions about the new position description form can be directed to campus and institute human resources officers or the HR Call Center.

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