UT Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement (UT IDE) Strategic Alliance

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Across the UT System, we focus on two Be One UT values that embody who we are. These values are united and connected and embrace diversity. As we stand united and connected, we collaborate both internally and externally for an overall greater collective impact. Furthermore, we embrace diversity by respecting our individual and organizational uniqueness that makes us stronger.

26 members of the UT IDE strategic alliance

The UT IDE Strategic Alliance ensures a strategic approach to our collective efforts involving inclusion, diversity and engagement. The UT IDE Strategic Alliance is comprised of four committees that are fully aligned to one another. The groups are the senior advisory council, strategic steering committee, strategic action team and strategic resource team. Members of each committee voluntarily applied to participate. For our inaugural launch, we had the benefit of having an alliance that is built on diversity, with members that represent various dimension of diversity including age, race, gender, ethnicity, ability, veteran status, position, location and length of service to name a few.

In less than a year, the members of the UT IDE Strategic Alliance have successfully initiated foundational elements of the overall UT IDE strategy including, the launch of the video “Inclusion Begins with I and Always Needs U” and creating and aligning a comprehensive strategic plan. This month, the members will meet in person for the first UT IDE Symposium to discuss ongoing strategic efforts.

Each member is scheduled to serve a two-year term. The application process for the next term will open in June 2023. You can learn more about the committees by visiting ide.tennessee.edu.

As we continue to raise awareness of inclusion, diversity and engagement on our campuses and institutes, we hope that employees across the state take a moment to learn more about our current efforts, engage with their peers and remain open to conversations surrounding the work that we do.

If an individual is interested in learning more about the UT IDE, please visit ide.tennessee.edu/ut-ide-strategic-alliance.