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Brian Dickens
Brian Dickens, Chief Human Resources Officer

It has been nearly five months since I joined the team in January 2020. This time has been both exciting and tumultuous with the arrival of all things COVID-19. This global pandemic has truly tested our endurance as a UT System, and I am happy to report a passing grade for our ability to pull together and navigate these uncharted waters as a leadership team across the UT System.

My career spans more than 30 years in higher education and human resources with experiences in both public and private, mid-to-large, minority-serving to predominantly majority institutions. As a servant leader having worked in large metropolitan to small rural communities, my family and I have found the Knoxville area and surrounding communities to be a perfect mix for us with the return to the southern hospitality and charm that we have enjoyed immensely.

As the new chief human resources officer for the UT System, I have joined a fantastic working environment with great people and a collaborative energetic leadership collective poised to lead the UT System through the “Greatest Decade in the History of UT” as President Randy Boyd has called us to create. UT System human resources is excited about the journey ahead with the reaffirmed partnership and collaboration with our fellow human resources officers and teams. We ultimately affect the lived experiences for all of our more than 12,500 employees across the System at our various campuses, centers and institutes. We are charged with making UT the employer of choice for all Tennesseans and intend to do so.

As you peruse this edition of the “For Your Benefit” publication, look for new innovative and exciting diversity and inclusion initiatives from us as we spotlight our human resources officers and optimistically anticipate a bright future ahead. I look forward to the journey.

Brian Dickens

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