Understanding Diversity and Valuing Our Differences

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“In order for everyone to thrive, we need to ensure people feel safe, comfortable and welcome and are able to concentrate on their work rather than worrying about oppression,” explained Joe Miles during his presentation to attendees of UT’s first,University-wide diversity summit.

Joe Miles

More than 140 faculty and staff from every UT campus and institute attended the summit on April 15, hosted by UT’s Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) and designed to engage the UT community in efforts to create more diverse and inclusive learning and working environments.

Presenters and panelists from within the University and across the country led discussions ranging from the importance of leadership in driving diversity and inclusion to effective communication strategies.

“Whatever we can do to improve our climate of inclusiveness will help us all be more effective, healthier and psychologically better off,” added Miles, an assistant professor of counseling psychology at UT Knoxville and expert in multiculturalism and social justice.

Several presentations from the diversity summit were recorded and are available at the Diversity Advisory Council website.

The diversity summit is one of many initiatives to engage faculty and staff in efforts to advance diversity and inclusion. To learn more about programs and resources on your campus, start by checking with your local equity and diversity office.

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