Code of Conduct: Check the Code

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Code of Conduct

The University of Tennessee’s Code of Conduct is intended to facilitate a workplace culture that promotes responsible behavior,from understanding ethical behavior in the workplace to knowing your responsibility to report suspected violations as a UT employee.

“The purpose of the UT Code of Conduct is to encourage and empower employees to perform their work in a responsible and ethical manner,” said Bill Moles, director of compliance for the UT System Administration. “The Code provides guidance on the University’s expectations of acceptable behavior and what to do if you have a question or suspect misconduct.”

The Code of Conduct is comprised of general principles and statements of responsible conduct and provides specific examples of prohibited conduct. However, the Code does not replace, limit or alter any existing policies.

“To fulfill our mission of serving the people of Tennessee and beyond through the discovery, communication and application of knowledge, we must be committed as a statewide workforce to promoting responsible and ethical behavior in everything we do,” said UT System President Joe DiPietro.