Getting Involved Leads to Many Opportunities

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For some employees, representative groups are more than just a resource, they are an opportunity to get involved and give back.

“I feel that it’s a privilege and an honor to represent UT Martin employees and make their voices heard, because I want UT Martin to be known as the campus that cares,” said Debbie Hunter, a member of UT Martin’s Employee Relations Committee.

UTSI Employee Relations Committee
UTSI Employee Relations Committee

Representatives also find that serving on a council gives them the opportunity to get to know colleagues across the state.

“When you get involved, you get to know those people, and by working together, you build camaraderie and friendships,” said Jean Dake, former chair of Chattanooga’s Exempt Staff Council.

For some representatives who have the chance to serve on the system-wide Employee Relations Advisory Board, which meets quarterly to discuss issues with the UT System president, learning that all campuses are facing similar problems helps bring attention to an issue.

“At system-wide meetings, I get to see that other campuses are dealing with issues similar to ours, and we get to bring those issues to the president’s attention,” said Hunter. “I think Dr. DiPietro really listens and really cares.”

Learn more about getting involved in employee representative groups on your campus or institute.

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