Navigating the Partnership Promise


The Partnership PPO and Standard PPO remain the state’s two health insurance plans. Both plans cover the same services and treatments, but the Partnership plan offers lower costs and better discounts. In exchange, members must agree to fulfill the Partnership Promise each year, which is designed to help Tennesseans live healthier lifestyles and lower healthcare costs for everyone.

Meeting the Partnership Promise for 2014 is a three-step process for most members and covered spouses:

  1. Complete an online well-being assessment by March 15, 2014.
  2. New this year: Complete a biometric screening (height, weight, blood work, etc.) at your doctor’s office and have the appropriate form submitted by July 15, 2014.
  3. Keep your contact information current with UT (changes can now be made online through UT’s employee self-service website at

Additional steps are required for members identified as being at risk for certain health concerns or who use tobacco:

  • Participate in health coaching and/or case management.
  • Engage in the tobacco cessation program.
Although the state designs the Partnership Promise and contracts with Healthways to administer the program, UT has staff experts who can provide assistance if something isn’t going smoothly.

If you’re getting mixed messages or having problems, call Rob Chance and his colleagues in the UT System Payroll Office at (865) 974-5251. Remember, UT cannot access your health information but can help in other ways.

Answers to Common Questions

What happens if I break the Partnership Promise?
If you or your covered spouse (dependents are excluded) do not meet the terms throughout the year, eligible claims for that year will still be paid. However, you will not be able to stay in the Partnership PPO for the following year and will be switched to the Standard PPO. You can re-enroll in the Partnership PPO after a year.

What is an online well-being assessment?
The first step toward completing the Partnership Promise is that all employees and covered spouses (dependents are excluded) must complete an online health and lifestyle questionnaire. You’ll receive instant assessments and access to personalized well-being plans. The well-being plans are optional this year, but if completed, give members full access to online resources and tools. If you do not have access to a computer, you can complete the assessment by calling (888) 741-3390.

What is health coaching?
Well-being assessments, insurance claims and past health screenings will be used to determine if you are required to participate in health coaching for the calendar year. Coaches will help set goals, provide tools, track progress and offer information to help you make good choices and manage your health.

Once identified for health coaching, will I automatically be considered at risk in the future?
Not necessarily, but each situation is different.

If I have a personality conflict with my coach, can I request a change?
Yes, call the Healthways Customer Service Department at (888) 741-3390 and your request will be granted.

How will I know if I’ve fulfilled the Partnership Promise?
You can check your status online through your personal well-being account at the website listed below, and Healthways will send a notification once terms have been met. If you do not receive notification or feel there’s been an error, call Healthways to confirm your status. If you still have questions, call the UT System Payroll Office for advice, but remember UT cannot access your health information or status.

These are just a few of the many questions answered in the complete ParTNers for Health guide available at

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