Help create a safe and healthy workplace by completing UT’s new online training designed to promote greater awareness about sexual assault, stalking, intimate partner violence and sexual harassment. The seven-module training called Haven for Faculty and Staff includes short videos, scenarios, activities and pre- and post-course quizzes.

How to Complete the Training

Locate your campus or institute below and follow the appropriate link. Log in with your NetID and password. When leaving and returning to this training at any time, please always access from the same link.

Please Note

  • During the course, if you are prompted to agree to online terms, please know that the University has entered into an amendment with Haven/ Everfi to cover the online terms that the online terms don’t apply to UT or the individual employees. The agreement is not binding and employees may click through the language and proceed. The training will take approximately one hour to complete, but does not have to be completed in one sitting.
  • Completions will be recorded in IRIS without submitting any additional paperwork.
  • Part 2, prompted 30 days after completion of Part 1, is simply a post-course perception survey. Please use the same log-in link to access and complete Part 2.