Employee & Organizational Development (EOD) provides UT faculty and staff with opportunities for growth in their careers.

It hosts training courses, seminars, and conferences as well as provides coaching and consulting as all UT employees are strongly encouraged to obtain a minimum of 32 hours of job and career-related training per year.

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Other Services & Descriptions

Specialized Departmental Training and Retreats

EOD helps plan and guide staff development retreats or on-site training after meeting with the department head and their delegates to identify needs. For more information, contact Ron Tredway at 865-974-0807.

Coaching and Performance Consulting

EOD offers confidential coaching services including consultation, action planning and commitment agreement for individuals and departments. Coaching has proven to be an effective method of resolving interpersonal conflict and improving individual performance. For more information, contact Izetta Slade at 865-974-0807.

Strategic Planning

When the vision, mission and values of the work team are aligned with the strategic plan goals, it leads to effective completion of those goals. EOD provides strategic planning services to help department leaders. For moreĀ information, call 865-974-0807.