External Training Credit Request Process


About HR Policy 0128

The University encourages employees and staff to complete a minimum of 32 hours of job and career-related professional development per calendar year. Employees are encouraged to complete what they need to achieve growth for themselves and their departments.

If you take a job- or career-related course, or attend a conference that is not sponsored by EOD, your local HR office, or your department, or is not accessed through K@TE, the UT learning management system, you may submit the training credit for approval in K@TE for inclusion in your training transcript. Credits on your K@TE transcript will automatically be added to your IRIS training record within 24 hours.

Effective August 1, 2017, employees must use the External Training Credit form in K@TE to submit additional/external training credit. Please allow up to two weeks for your submission to be reviewed.

How to Submit External Training Credit Requests

1.     Login to K@TE using your NetID and password: kate.tennessee.edu

2.     From the “Learning” tab, click on “Add External Training” (screenshot below).


3.     Your request must meet the following criteria:

a) the professional development activity must be relevant to your role at UT

b) it must have been completed in the past year

c) credit for the activity must not already be present on your K@TE or IRIS transcripts

d) it must be accompanied by appropriate documentation (see step #5 below).


4.     Enter your Title, Description, Providing Institution, and Date(s) of Attendance. Training credits must be entered at 1 per hour of activity and may not include meals, breaks, or networking time (i.e., 2 hours = 2 credits, 45 Minutes = .75 credit), based on actual learning sessions attended/completed.


5.     Two types of documentation must be included as attachments:

a) proof of attendance and

b) proof of the number of training hours. If you received a certificate of completion, this may by itself fulfill both requirements if it shows your name and the duration of the training. Otherwise you must include some sort of agenda that breaks down how the training hours were spent, in addition to the separate proof of your actual attendance. The following file types can be submitted: ppt, pptx, doc, docx, pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, txt, gif, xls, xlsx, & rtf. If your file is too large to submit, we suggest that you either take screenshots or send your attachments via email to uteod@tennessee.edu


6.     Click “Submit” and the requested professional development activity will appear on your transcript. To ensure your request is processed and to update your Training Status from “Registered” to “Pending Completion Approval,” you will then need to click “Mark Complete.” When you see the status as “Pending Completion Approval,” this is confirmation that your request has been received.


External Training Credit Requests are reviewed in the order in which they are received. The average response time once the request is “Pending Approval” is 1-2 weeks. When the training is approved, it will appear under the “Completed” section of your transcript, and the status will show as “Completed.” To view your completed transcript, toggle the transcript drop-down menu from “Active” to “Completed.”

If your training credit is denied, the request will remain on your Active transcript with a status of “Completion Approval Denied.”  In addition, you will receive an automated email that includes a detailed explanation of the reason.   That same explanation can also be found in the comments box under “View Training Details.” To open up the box to view these comments, click on the little triangle to the right of “Transcript History” (screenshot below).



Once you have corrected the issues described and attached any additional requested files, you can again click “Request Completion Approval” from your transcript page.  You will receive an email as soon as your External Training Credit request has been approved.


Have questions? Please contact Employee and Organizational Development at uteod@tennessee.edu or view our Frequently Asked Questions