What’s In It For You?

Participants will learn how to efficiently work with HR processes and gain an understanding of how positions are created, recruited, recorded, and verified.

Curriculum – Required Courses

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There is no prerequisite and no desired order in which to take the courses.

Total curriculum hours = 11.5

Intended Audience: Anyone tasked with creating or changing positions in IRIS for their department. Participants will gain an understanding of the IRIS transaction ZPPOSITION000 -“Position Create/Change” as well as knowledge of how the changes made move through Workflow and helpful tips to improve the efficiency of the process.
Writing an effective position description leads to accurate classification, but is also central to several other aspects of employment including recruitment, training and orientation, performance management, and legal compliance. Participants will learn how to develop a descriptive yet concise position description for employees, and how to complete the Position Description Form and Classification Request Form.

This class is designed to help navigate the Taleo applicant tracking system, both as a collaborator and a hiring manager. This class will show some simple tips and tricks for navigating Taleo and help you develop an understanding for how to best use the system in your hiring process.

A brief overview of some of our best interviewing practices, including behavioral interview techniques and questions to avoid.
Intended Audience: Anyone tasked with processing HR transaction in IRIS. Participants will gain an understanding of the HR e-form process, as well as learn the various types of HR transactions, and how to track e-form submissions in IRIS
Form I-9 training for department representatives. How to complete each section of the form and how to handle some special situations which commonly arise..

How to Enroll

Courses are offered in spring and fall. Register for this certificate program in K@TE, the learning management system. Once you log in with your netID and password:

  1. Search in the top right search bar: “HR Processes Certificate.”
  2. Click “Request.”
  3. Once you open the curriculum, you see a list of the courses.
  4. You will need to click “Activate” under “Options” in order to start a course.
  5. There is NO prerequisite and no desired order in which to complete courses.

Please call 865-974-6657 if you have questions.