This program equips university employees at all levels with customer service and communication tools.

What’s In It For You?

Participants will acquire knowledge and techniques to enhance job performances and improve professional relationships. Participants will have a greater understanding of their impact on the University.

Certificate Completion Expectation

Participants are expected to complete the full certificate curriculum within one year of taking their first class.

Curriculum – Required Courses

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This course introduces participants to the certificate program and sets expectations for learning goals and participation. Participants will discuss how customers determine their needs and how to anticipate and exceed expectations. Coursework will also present current research in workplace communication topics.
Effective listening is a skill that must be learned. Participants will be able to identify their listening style and barriers to active listening. Participants will gain a stronger understanding and be able to demonstrate empathetic listening through action learning activities and videos.
Negative customer interactions can be costly to your organization.  Participants in this course will learn strategies to navigating difficult and unexpected service interactions professionally and assertively.

Understanding how you communicate with others has a great impact on work relationships. Using a styles assessment, this course provides information on different ways in which people communicate at work along with tips and strategies for fitting the style you use to the situation at hand. Applying these strategies will enhance workplace effectiveness including service to others.

Mannerisms, gestures, and expressions say something about an individual employee. Participants will discover nonverbal cues through situational examples, videos, and images. Register for this course to better decode and interpret the body language of others to improve communication, service, and overall workplace effectiveness.

The final course in the certificate series is designed as a hands-on, scenario- based workshop in which participants will participate in customer service and communication simulations. This course must be taken last.


Disclaimer:  Courses are subject to change annually.  If you are starting the program during the months of October through December, please email us at for updated information and details before you begin the program.

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