Job Families: Aligning Jobs That Fit Together

Several factors contribute to offering fair and competitive pay, and work continues to improve processes, classifications and pay structures. Among top HR priorities for 2018 are reviewing and revising “job families”—phase 2 of a compensation project that began last year.  Job families are groupings of levels within roles that have similar job duties/responsibilities and require … Continued


Let’s Talk About Our Workplace

Thank you to the 7,200 faculty and staff who shared feedback about our workplace and work culture in November 2014 through the statewide employee engagement survey. Results are in and summaries of findings specific to each campus and institute were shared through open forums held in March. Hopefully, you were able to attend. Among statewide … Continued


Have a Question? Ask the Human Resources Call Center

On average, phones in the Human Resources Call Center ring about 20,000 times a year—or seventy-seven times a day—and callers frequently have questions about benefits, retirement, policies, and employment. Dan Trentham leads the center, and chances are he’ll be the one who answers when you call. Following are parts of a discussion with Dan to see what it’s … Continued


Employee Feedback: Success Stories and Tips

Health Coaching Helps Maintain Commitment and Focus Mary Askew tries to eat right and stay active. She visits the doctor on a regular basis and quit smoking six years ago. But her health coach through the Partnership Promise keeps her focused on daily health maintenance. Askew is a diabetic and her coach, Peggy, calls to … Continued