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Brian Dickens
Brian Dickens,
Chief Human Resources Officer

Get Into the Game

An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) goes beyond traditional benefits and perks to attract and retain top talent. The EVP is a unique set of offerings, benefits, and opportunities that an employer provides its employees in exchange for their skills, knowledge and commitment. The EVP is an investment in the organization’s long-term success, leading to a highly engaged and motivated workforce. As employees of the UT System, let’s explore the life choices we must make when we select from the specific highlighted investments from the state that enhance our rich benefits at the UT System.

As we gear up for benefits open enrollment, I can’t help but draw a parallel to one of Hasbro’s iconic games – “The Game of Life.” Just as “The Game of Life” presents us with various career paths, family decisions, and investments, open enrollment allows us to consider our health and financial choices. From health plans to wellness programs, these benefits act as tools to enhance your life’s journey.

Here’s how our real-life open enrollment is similar to the game:

  1. Choose Your Path: In the game, you decide your career path—a doctor, artist, or athlete. During open enrollment, you choose the health plan that suits your needs, whether you’re an individual or have a family. The power is in your hands to select what aligns with your unique circumstances.
  2. Invest Wisely: Just like in the game, where you invest in education and real estate, open enrollment lets you invest in your health and well-being. From flexible spending accounts to wellness and other incentives, these investments ensure you thrive.
  3. Family Matters: The game revolves around family decisions, and so does open enrollment. Your choices affect you and your loved ones. As you review your benefits, consider the well-being of your family members and make choices that support their health and future.
  4. Adapt to Changes: In the game, unexpected events can alter your path. Similarly, life can throw curveballs, and your benefit needs might change. Open enrollment provides a chance to adapt your coverage to meet new circumstances.
  5. Plan for the Future: Just as the game encourages you to plan for retirement, open enrollment invites you to consider ways to secure your health and financial future.

Just as in “The Game of Life,” your open enrollment choices shape your journey. Explore your options. Ask questions. Our HR team is here to assist you every step of the way through life.

Brian K. Dickens