Storytelling and Collaborating

Category: Features

By Tyra Haag

participants at Commune Icon 2022

In the spring semester, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Office of Communications and Marketing joined a new initiative by the UT System to unite communicators across all campuses who work in content-related roles.

Since launching, the committee has brought together more than a dozen communicators from UT Southern, UT Martin, UT Chattanooga, UT Space Institute and UT Knoxville campuses. Members are encouraged to share best practices and discuss potential opportunities to collaborate on storytelling projects.

At this summer’s meeting, UT Knoxville’s representative shared an interactive presentation on how to preserve shape and structure in written and visual storytelling by eliminating elements that take away from a story’s central message.

In August, UT Knoxville’s Office of Communications and Marketing hosted its annual campus-wide communications conference, CommuniCon. The conference included collaborative sessions with communicators across the campus and UT System. Colleagues from the Institute of Public Service and the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture co-led sessions and infused their expertise into the conference content.

Participating in the new knowledge-sharing initiative has allowed for more regular communication and interaction across several professionals and teams—sharing experiences and knowledge for a greater collective impact.