UTIA Promotes Be One UT Values

Category: Features

What is the one item almost everyone carries with them daily and, according to reviews.org, checks at least 262 times per day on average? If you guessed a cell phone, you are correct! Cell phones are part of our daily lives, serving as a connection to work, family and play, and just a few taps on these handheld supercomputers can create global connections. At the UT Institute of Agriculture (UTIA), cell phones also mean greater productivity for many faculty members and staff whose responsibilities include field work or substantial time spent in the outdoors.

A man's hand holds a phone with the Be One UT values displayed

What better vehicle to share the Be One UT values than a cell phone? This information served as a catalyst for the UTIA Marketing and Communications team in developing its internal campaign for sharing these values with faculty and staff statewide. The team produced a series of mobile device screen backgrounds with the Be One UT values prominently displayed. These handy backgrounds can be downloaded to a mobile device from the UTIA website with versions available for both cell phones and tablets.

During one of the Fireside Chats hosted by then-Senior Vice President/Senior Vice Chancellor Tim Cross, the special guest was UT President Randy Boyd. Boyd shared the System’s new values, and the new Be One UT backgrounds were revealed to him as well. Boyd was extremely excited and his first question was “Where can a guy get those?” Needless to say, he immediately received a link to the downloadable backgrounds!

If you would like to download these backgrounds onto your devices, please visit the UTIA Brand site.