UT Tower is Underway

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The University of Tennessee System will soon find a new home in downtown Knoxville, overlooking the historic Market Square. UT Tower, previously known as TVA East Tower, will unite and connect about 400 UT System employees across divisions, offices and departments into collaborative workspaces.

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ā€œIā€™m excited about the opportunity to bring our teams together in a space that embodies who we are and how we work. Our move to the new UT Tower on the northeast end of Market Square truly is an opportunity for us to create greater collaboration, synergy, efficiency and sense of community,ā€ said UT System President Randy Boyd.

UT has partnered with Baskin Strategies and BarberMcMurry Architects to design the space to increase efficiency and collaboration. The state-of-the-art workspaces have been intentionally tailored to fit departmental needs and functions. All workspaces will also feature an adjustable standing desk.

Moving to the UT Tower will also present new opportunities to partner with TVA, Knox County Schools, the Great Schools Partnership, the City of Knoxville, Knox County government, Market Square merchants, the Knoxville Chamber and area businesses. Knox County Schools will also be housed in the tower.

Above: Left to right: U.S. Congressman Tim Burchett; TVA President and CEO Jeff Lyash, Knox County Schools Superintendent Bob Thomas, Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, UT System President Randy Boyd.

This move has been in process for more than two years, allowing time for multiple necessary approvals and planning to take place. The move was first unanimously approved by the UT Board of Trustees in November 2019, followed by approval from the state building commission in June 2020.

Andy Holt Tower, the former location of many UT System employees, will undergo extensive renovations for other uses in the future.