Full Engagement Survey

Category: Features

Across the University of Tennessee System, feedback regarding programs and practices is critical to making UT a great place to work.

McLean & Company, an independent human resources research firm, administered the 2021 Employee Engagement survey this fall to gather insights and feedback regarding the overall work environment at UT.

The feedback provided on what works well and what needs improvement helps shape the programs and initiatives that have the potential to significantly improve all UT campuses and institutes. This full employee engagement survey will help establish an engagement baseline and will be continuously useful as UT strives to reach its greatest decade in history as proposed by UT President Randy Boyd.

While an engagement baseline, the survey will gather feelings of energy and purpose, benefits, diversity, equity and inclusion, satisfaction, employee empowerment, culture, learning and development, work-life balance and more. The results will be used by the UT Board of Trustees, System Human Resources and additional UT entities to steer employee benefits and office culture decisions going forward.

To ensure timely and accurate engagement monitoring, the one-question, quarterly Employee Experience Monitor (EXM) survey will return to employee inboxes this winter. The EXM survey asks one question, “How likely are you to recommend the University of Tennessee to a qualified friend or family member as a good place to work?” Distributing the EXM survey quarterly enables frequent feedback, allowing for a more agile approach to making adjustments according to feedback.

As a third-party provider, McLean & Company ensures the confidentiality of responses and shares aggregate results of the survey with UT.

Contact McLean & Company directly at survey@mcleanco.com for questions concerning the full engagement survey.