UT Space Institute Moving Employees Forward Together

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Illustration of Employees Interconnect across the Globe

UT Space Institute’s Interim Executive Director James Simonton expressed that UTSI employees would return to campus full-time on March 15, following a year-long stint of teleworking since March 2020. Prior to return, all supervisors and department heads were informed that they were expected to reiterate to employees that returning to work would entail proper CDC guidelines, including wearing a mask, frequently washing of hands and practicing social distancing. Employees were also reminded that safety is of utmost importance, and if the need arises, abundance of COVID-19 cases in our geographical area and/or amongst UTSI employees – something we haven’t had as of this date, we will return to teleworking as much as possible as we were doing prior to the return. We would like to duplicate a similar statement to what another campus adopted: ‘We Come Back Together to Move Forward Together.’

Safely, we brought our UTSI family back to work. We intend to remain safe. We plan to adjust our position on return to work if and when the need arises.