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The Quarterly EXM Survey, What You Need to Know

The Employee Experience Monitor (EXM) survey, distributed quarterly to all regular employees by McLean and Company, plays a vital role in providing regular feedback to UT System Human Resources.

The one-question survey asks, “How likely are you to recommend the University of Tennessee to a qualified friend or family member as a good place to work?”

Administering the survey quarterly enables frequent feedback, allowing for a more agile approach to making adjustments according to feedback. All responses and comments are reported anonymously.

The EXM survey is more important than ever before. As all employees enter this season of unknowns together, the survey feedback provides university leaders and managers with frequent data to best instill a culture of engagement accountability and increase manager effectiveness.

The survey is delivered to all regular employees in March, June, September and December. Each survey remains open until the next is delivered.

Help us, help you—make sure to complete the EXM survey the next time it’s delivered to your inbox.

Man embraces newborn sonPaid Parental Leave Policy

During the winter meeting, the UT Board of Trustees unanimously approved the new Paid Parental Leave Policy, which offers full-time employees up to six weeks (240 hours) of paid parental leave for the birth or adoption of a child, to be used within the first 12 months of the birth or adoption.

Employees will not be required to use any accrued sick or vacation leave. It can also be used concurrently with leave provided by the Family and Medical Leave Act or the Tennessee Parental Leave Act. The benefit begins July 1.

“We are pleased to offer this new and exciting benefit to all employees,” said Brian Dickens, chief human resources officer. “I am hopeful this will continue to be a substantial benefit to working in the University of Tennessee System.”

UT System Launches Return to the Workplace Toolkit

In anticipation of employees returning to the workplace on June 1, UT System Human Resources created a Return to the Workplace Toolkit. Aimed to assist in the transition back to the office, the toolkit offers helpful resources for both managers and employees.

As University of Tennessee System administration begins reintegrating its workforce to on-site activities, strategic action plans will be imperative. The toolkit shares the best practices for safely welcoming faculty and staff back to the office, mindful approaches for returning to the office and resources for in-person and work-from-home planning and tracking.

Trainings, resources and the complete toolkit are available at: hr.tennessee.edu/return-to-the-workplace/