UT System Employee and Organizational Development (EOD) Spotlight

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The UT System Employee and Organizational Development (EOD) Office advances the mission of the UT System by providing employees with the resources for professional and personal development. 

Dr. Ron Tredway, executive director HR/Employee & Organizational Development  (Adam Brimer / The University of Tennessee)

Ron Tredway joined the UT System in 2010, bringing more than 25 years of management and leadership experience in a variety of functions. His training includes multiple professional and program certifications, areas of focus and volunteer outreach components.

Treadway retired from EOD in August, and his coworkers had encouraging words about his time leading EOD.

Faith Lewis, senior training consultant: “I appreciate Ron’s willingness to share his knowledge and expertise to enhance the experiences of the customers we served at UT. I am grateful for the professional development opportunities I received under Ron’s leadership. I wish him the best in his next exciting chapter!”

Marti Willen, senior training consultant: “I appreciate Ron’s ability to think creatively. He always challenged our team to think outside the box as to how we could add value to the university. Many of his ideas and innovative processes developed into successful professional development opportunities that utilized the gifts of everyone on the team.”

Leigh Mosley, senior training specialist: “From my first day, Ron Tredway impressed me with the depth of his knowledge about the many institutions and personalities that make up the University of Tennessee System. That, in addition to his unfailing willingness to be an attentive and respectful listener and his ready laugh, are what I will remember and miss the most about him as a leader and a human being.”

Izetta Slade, Executive director, HR / employee and organizational development

Izetta Slade

Before Slade began her current role in August 2020, she served as the executive director of human resources, associate director for equity and diversity, interim department head for UT Extension evaluations and staff development, interim human resource officer for UT Institute of Agriculture and the assistant director for employee and organizational development and program manager at the Institute for Public Service.





Faith Lewis,
Senior training consultant

Faith Lewis

Prior to her current role in EOD, Lewis held positions in organizational development, facilitation, and employee coaching and leadership development. Lewis facilitates in-person and online courses as well as delivers customized work team training and organizational development to UT departments. She supports training needs analyses and coordinates various learning events for the EOD office.





Leigh Mosley, Senior training specialist

Leigh Mosley

Mosley, a former librarian, brings to the world of HR her passion for finding, classifying and disseminating knowledge. She helps to plan and support UT’s professional-development learning initiatives through EOD’s classes and conferences and also processes external training credits and applications to the UT career development fund.






Marti Willen,
Senior training consultant

Marti Willen

Since joining EOD, Willen consults with departments at UT to develop and deliver customized and departmental training solutions, strategic planning services, organizational development interventions and performs professional and personal development services (coaching). She also facilitates in-person and online courses as well as plans, coordinates, and manages learning events for the UT System.

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