Quiz: 50 Years of the UT System

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2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the UT system. Established in 1968, the UT system is the state’s land-grant, higher education institution. Through the combined force of its education, research, and outreach, the University serves students, business and industry, schools, governments, organizations and citizens statewide.

Test your UT knowledge with this quiz!

1.) What was the founding name of UT?

a. University of Tennessee

b. East Tennessee College

c. Blount College


2.) What was the name of the UT president serving when the UT system was formed?

a. Ed Boling

b.Andy Holt

c. Joe Johnson


3.) How many UT presidents have there been since the institution was founded in 1794?

a. 28

b. 31

c. 25


4.) In what year did the UT Martin athletics mascot change from “Pacers” to “Skyhawks”?

a. 1995

b. 1990

c. 1992


5.) Current UT president Joe DiPietro earned a bachelor’s degree in what field from the University of Illinois, Urbana?

a. Business

b. Veterinary Medicine

c. Agriculture


6.) UT Health Science Center, based in Memphis, includes how many colleges?

a. 7

b. 6

c. 8


7.) UT Institute for Public Service helps train regional and national law enforcement?

a. True

b. False


8.) In what year did UT Chattanooga become a part of the UT system?

a. 1973

b. 1954

c. 1969


9.) In 1953, UT Knoxville adopted the blue-tick coonhound as its first live mascot, Blue Smokey.
What number is the current Smokey?

a.Smokey IX

b.Smokey X

c. Smokey XI


10.) The UT Institute of Agriculture has Extension offices in how many Tennessee counties?

a. 95

b. 65

c. 75

Answers: 1.) C, 2.) B, 3.) C, 4.) A, 5.) B, 6.) B, 7.) A, 8.) C, 9.) B, 10.) A