“We Are One” Inclusive Excellence Summit

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James Anderson, Chancellor at Fayetteville State University, photo by Adam Brimer

UT employees gathered to learn about creating more inclusive learning and working environments during the “We Are One” Inclusive Excellence Summit held Sept. 7 in Murfreesboro.

Faculty and staff from across the UT System benefited from presentations and discussions on a wide variety of topics ranging from a case study of Latino graduate students in the food and agricultural science eld to how committed leadership can use diversity and inclusion to enhance students’ educational experiences.

Ferlin McGaskey, Assistant Director, Tennessee Teaching and Learning Center, photo by Adam Brimer

“Attending the summit gave people the opportunity to hear speakers from across the country address important dimensions of diversity and academic excellence,” said Noma Anderson, special advisor to the UT president on diversity and inclusion. “I hope that the summit will be a catalyst for intra- and inter- campus conversations and improved strategic attention to inclusive excellence.”

Noma Anderson, Special Advisor to the President on Diversity and Inclusion with Tia McNair, VP of Diversity, Equity & Student Success of AAC&U, photo by Adam Brimer

The summit, hosted by UT’s Diversity Advisory Council (DAC), brought in speakers from organizations such as BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Texas A&M University and the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

Presentations are available on the event website at equity.tennessee.edu/weareone.

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